CMs Converge to Strengthen PPD Efforts

“If being a Campus Missionary is God’s will, then is it true that it is also His bill?”

This was one of the many questions that have been answered during the PSALM Partnership Development (PPD) Convergence at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of Saturday, September 11 via Zoom. 

The convergence was attended by over 40 campus missionaries all over the country, some members of the district board, and ministry partners.  Its aim was to honor the Lord and His great provision in the movement and to strengthen the PPD mentoring groups for intentional follow up and monitoring to reinforce the ministry’s vision of financial stability in the coming 2024.  

Despite the financial crisis the world is facing because of the pandemic, God’s provision continues to manifest in the ministry as it was evident through the testimonies and stories of victory shared by the campus missionaries during the event. Kenneth James G. Bag-ao, District Director of PSALM Cebu with his apprentice, Kenneth A. Alcordo, shared how the Lord amazingly raised people to partner with them even before they conducted the PPD vision. Also Cunanan Pagayao Jr., the newly assigned District Director of PSALM Arakan, pointed out that to effectively partner with others is to partner first with God. We have Elven John Nino T. Lumando, the District Director of Manila, who narrated how the Lord enabled him to raise partners.  Truly, being a campus missionary is God’s will for their  lives that’s why we can see from their experiences that God also provides.

The chairman of the District Board of Directors in PSALM Manila, Donna C. Tan, graced the gathering with Biblical truths about support raising. The campus missionaries were reminded to be ever grateful to God, be ever praying to Him, be ever confident in Him and be ever sharing for Him. She also emphasized that the God who puts you here in the ministry is the same God who will provide all things you need. 

Thereafter, the National Director Christer T. Luchavez designated everyone in the room to be assigned to a certain mentoring group for a monthly meet-up that will automatically kick off this month. The event started and culminated with thanksgiving to God as the One who calls and provides. This certifies the saying, 

“If it is God’s will, it is God’s bill.”

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