Desperation Into Inspiration

Desperation is undoubtedly one of the spark plugs that either built or toppled governments, mended or broken families, founded or crumbled institutions and fulfilled or killed the vision. Desperation when used to effect positive change can build a generation. Otherwise, it can send it to its doom.

Desperation is commonly viewed as a negative state. To be desperate today would mean to show extreme behaviour that is commonly negative. In fact, its similar word is “hopelessness” and being hopeless is not a good one, at least from the onset.

But I believed that the same desperation moved Nehemiah to rally the Israelites and build the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. The same desperation moved the woman who bled for 12 years to find her way through the crowd, touched the hem of the cloak of Jesus and received healing. When the centurion said, “Just say the word, and my servant will be healed,” it was an utmost display of desperation anchored on the very trust he placed in Jesus.

Desperation that breeds Trust

When you are desperate, be careful where to put  your trust. When you are hopeless, be very careful where to find hope. All our desperations must find their way to the ONE greater and bigger than ourselves.

God must be the end of all our desperations. When we refuse to believe that there is SOMEONE more able, more capable and more powerful than us, we start taking the matter in our own hands. Most of the times, they are ugly. Uprisings, killings, indifference and other violence stemmed from misplaced desperations. Misplaced desperations rob God of His work and replaced it with ourselves.

Desperation that Builds

A desperation that destroys other people must be halted once and for all. There is no glory in winning while others are crumbling. Life is not really a race between you and them. Life is not at all about survival of the fittest- that the weaker will be eaten by the stronger. It is about adding value to others.

Our desperation then must be a desperation that builds. When our desperations are guided with the principle of building people and generations, they are worthy feats. What are you so desperate about? Will your desperation add value to others rather than destroy them?


My Own Desperation Journey

If there is something I am so desperate about, it is how the world has become for our young people today. When I saw how the world has changed with all its false promises and instant gratifications, I dreaded the future of my children and the generations after them.

This was one of my reasons why I committed full time in building men and women particularly in the campuses and workplaces. I believed that when these young people are reached out, discipled and trained, the world will be transformed. No matter how noble, it is never an easy journey.

In the beginning, my desperation led me to abhor people of power who are shaping the values of today through their reckless pronouncements, irresponsible actions and utter indifference. In my deepest of heart, I silently rejoiced in their sickness, suffering even death. I remembered the wrongs they did but forgotten the good ones. On the other hand, I was also indifferent and desperate about how other churches wasted their time and resources at the expense of intentionally reaching and discipling the young people. I began preaching and challenging them to do the main thing, not out of love, but out of my deep indifference.

I am thankful to the Lord that He made me realized that He is more than concern of His works than I am of the works to be done. What I have become is more important to Him than what I have done and intended to do. I realized that the Kingdom of God is greater than the ministry where I am leading and it takes the united body of Christ to truly effect change that will last beyond my lifetime. My desperation then was anchored on the trust I placed in God that He will not let this generation and the next be doomed. Such desperation resulted from silently rejoicing in other people’s demise to genuinely care and pray, even the most unlovable.

I learned that I am just one of the many whom He is using to turn desperation into inspiration for His glory and honor alone.

What are you so desperate about?

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