Digital influencers arise during IDMS 2021

With the theme “Arise Digital Generation”, Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM) successfully conducted its whole day Intentional Disciple-Making Summit (IDMS) 2021 last August 28 and September 4 via Zoom. 

While the pandemic still restricts face-to-face interactions, participants that comprised 109 students, 17 Lay, and 23 Campus Missionaries remained unstoppable in doing the Great Commission through a new and challenging means. Hence the IDMS, which through a series of lectures and workshops handled by various speakers, hoped to equip PSALMistas to evangelize and to disciple others by utilizing different online platforms. 

The morning of August 28 unlocked the first session’s theme “Unleashing The Power of Digital Evangelism”. Ms. Jorlemae Ayuban talked about The Rise of Digital Generation, Ms. Rizalyn Lastino with The Role of Man in Digital Evangelism, and Ms. Marettes Sejas with The Role of the Holy Spirit in Digital Evangelism. Meanwhile, the afternoon moved to the second session called “Unlocking Digital Discipleship” that was ripped by Mr. Marlon Zerna who talked about The God of Digital Generation and by Mr. Jabez Alaban for The Man of Digital Space.

“The sad thing about this, we hardly notice it…because entertainment clouded what is clear in the Word of God. We must download awareness, strengthen our mind, and be mindful of what the enemy is trying to destroy in us,” said Jabez Alaban.

Moreover, Part 2 of the second session was continued in the morning of September 4 when Mr. Kenneth James Bag-ao rolled out The Discipleship in the Digital Age. Then in the afternoon, Mr. Elven Lumando taught how Uncaging Digital Multipliers is a Call to Return to the Word while thereafter Mr. Matt Altar emphasized on the Vision of Multiplication in this Digital Age.

“The digital space will never replace influencers, but in the hands of great influencers, it’s revolutionary,” said Kenneth James Bag-ao.

As the means of evangelism and discipleship have changed because of the pandemic, PSALMistas must arm themselves with the necessary digital tools to reach out to the lost netizens of this generation. 

Arise digital influencers! And let Jesus be known.

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