Don’t Be Shy! A Principle Towards Support Raising

It’s no secret that Campus Missionaries raise funds for the ministry – this is part of what we signed up for. Though spiritually it may sound CMs are people whose hearts and efforts are focused only on making disciples, little do others know that we are also raising funds for ministry operations.

Raising funds for the ministry is an uncharted territory. Like all other CMs, I learn, relearn, fail, struggle, and get rejected. Some say “yes”, but are afterwards nowhere to be found. However, there are also those who are really committed to giving. So what should be our attitude in this area?


When I was new in this ministry, I was afraid of raising funds. I felt as though I was called to be a professional beggar; asking people for money to support the ministry as if I was in the mercy of ministry donors in regards to them signing up their pledge cards. I even felt as though there were some that challenged my calling. One person said, “Jet, the hospital needs a nurse. Since you are a registered nurse, why not apply in this hospital then after work proceed with your PSALM”. Since I am a Christian, I respectfully replied, “I respect what you said but I am convinced of my career as a Campus Missionary”. My calling as a CM is not supported and financed by the mercy and donations of the people. This Kingdom work in reaching the students and professionals for Christ is financed by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords through these individuals. It is the Lord Jesus working in them to give.

My identity in Christ is not a beggar. I am redeemed, beloved, an heir of Christ. Having this mindset set me free from the tagging by other people that I am a collector of PSALM pledges. Excuse me lang gyud! I am not a collector!” That kind of mindset – that Campus Missionaries are just collecting money – is not from God, it’s from Satan. Every time I collect and remind pledges it is God who is at work , it is kingdom work, and nothing to be ashamed of.


The vision of campus missions is “I am SOLD OUT!”  Thus, I share the vision to my potential ministry partners. I share to them that the students in our colleges and universities are in great spiritual distress and that only Christ can change their lives. I share the vision that when we reach a student, we reach a family for Christ; and that Campus Ministry can be a platform to plant local church. I share the vision that our students are future leaders and professionals in our marketplace and in government. If we reach the students now, we are shaping the next generation of fathers and mothers who in turn will disciple their children.

I am not ashamed to share the vision because it is from God. That vision settles my fear on who I approach. That vision empowers my calling and announces the message that, “Hey! There are spiritual battles going on in our campuses. Can you partner with us?” There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If there is someone who should be ashamed then it should be the one who is not sharing the vision, someone who is not telling other people that we need to pray for our campuses, someone who will not give for kingdom work.

My role is to share the vision of God and give them the opportunity to be part of it through their giving and prayers.


One of the beauties of doing PSALM Partnership Development (PPD) is that it has a ministerial dimension. In my PPD journey, I pray for individuals in different walks of life to be ministry partners. On that note, one may say that I only approach those people who can give; those who are rich and have a stable job, and have a capacity to give. This is definitely not true in my case. I invite individuals who are carpenters, farmers, laundry washers, manikurista, and even a kasambahay. Ministry partnership is not about money – I am looking for individuals who can partner for Campus Missions heartily.

I became intentional in my PPD even though I know that they can’t give due to their financial limitations. PPD became a platform for me to minister by reassuring them that God honors their faith and telling them that: “By committing to give, you set a tone on what matters to God – His kingdom, allowing Him to work supernaturally in your finances because ultimately it is the Lord who is the source of our income”.


Missionaries raise funds, not just for ministry operation, but also to sustain themselves. We do have families to support too. We have personal needs and goals to attend to just like any other professional out there. Aside from that, we get out from our own pockets to treat students for snacks and meals. Being a Campus Missionary is a legitimate career, not a side racket in your eyes. If a manager in a company receives that much, we too as Campus Missionaries deserve to receive that kind of support. We can’t disregard the welfare of our Campus Missionaries in this divine work. The worker is more important than the work.  

One day, a Digital Bank Officer called me via phone asking me for supporting documents of the source of my income. I confidently said that my work is a Campus Missionary, my employer is the LORD. Praise God I was able to comply with the necessary documents proving that my work as a Campus Missionary is also legit in the eyes of men.


Every amount that I receive is receipted, recorded and reported properly. One CM commended me that my PPD report was well organized with all the receipt numbers. I just use the app Google Sheet in my cellphone, and every time I receive a monetary support I immediately post it there. The good thing about online is that it is synchronized in the cloud so you won’t lose it immediately.

So my Board of Directors, as well as my fellow Campus Missionaries in the region and the National Office, know how much I have received. They rejoice and celebrate with me because of God’s faithfulness and goodness. I am not ashamed of  doing PPD because I know it is God-honoring and I am protected against false accusations in regards to money. Moreover, we should in return update our ministry partners with what is transpiring in the ministry we handle and pray for their individual concerns. True enough, this is another form of relationship that should glorify God.

So don’t be shy! This is God’s work. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like in sharing the Gospel, if we are shy, how can they hear the Good News? “Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God”. The same principle applies in Support Raising – we just share the vision to our potential partners and leave the result to God. 

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