Dream dies,Vision lives on…

There is but one fitting reason why this movement keeps on through mountain top and valley low journey for half a century. It is never the dream of people whom the Lord has used but the vision of the Lord deposited in the hearts of men and women who simply obeyed.

The Golden Anniversary of the movement speaks of the power and providence of the Lord of the Harvest who is actively at work for the past 50 years. He alone deserves the glory and praise for thousands of disciplers and leaders who are fulfilling their calling and doing the vision here and abroad.

This is also an opportune time to reconnect with PSALMistas all over the globe and in unity affirm the very reason of our existence, the very crux of why we live, that is —HUMANITY EXISTS TO EXPRESS DEITY.

May the UNVEILING, REUNION and GRAND CELEBRATION ground us once more in the timeless presence, power and providence of our God and propel us for another 50 years or so with ever burning passion to reach the campuses and workplaces and transform the world.

Together, let us bequeath to the next generation the glorious vision and a better PSALM. Happy 50th Anniversary to one and all!

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