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PSALM Dumaguete

Dumaguete has been known to be a place where people are laid-back and, since the city is small, everything we need and want is an easy reach. That made most of the people here like “Laodicea.” We became lukewarm and could not advance God’s work with zealousness.

We have seen the critical need to teach the young, the professionals and the churches to rise up from our comfort zone and engage in battle. Because if we don’t, we will lose the next generation and Christ will be played down into a tool to get to heaven instead of a relationship to obey. We definitely have those drowning days.

However, we praise God for He has lifted us up from the waters and has brought us to see His great work when a number and more students are serving the Lord by discipling others. Continue to pray for us that every member we have will see God’s vision and will glorify the Lord Jesus through purposeful ministry. To God be the glory!

*Witnessed Individuals from June 2019–February 2020
*Discipled Individuals from June 2019– February 2020
*Graduated from CCL as of February 2020


Jabez Alaban

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Chrisryl Faye Calamohoy
AIG Leader (AIG Leviticus)
Silliman University Senior High Grade 12

“When we say ‘to God be the Glory’, when we achieve a certain feat in our studies but we’re not making disciples and keep his commandments in our lives, are really glorifying God? For it is only through the grace of God that I conquered and will continue to conquer.”





Reynald Zamora
AIG Member (AIG Exodus)
Silliman University Senior High Grade 12

“Christianity is one of the most prominent religions that we can see in the world today. Currently, it is the largest and most widely practiced religion in our country, the Philippines. However, only a fraction of its members are active in the ministry, while the others are sadly doing nothing”






PSALM Dumaguete Ministry Center

Aldecoa Drive, Laguna St.,
Daro, Dumaguete City


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