To finally make a HOMERUN

“By the blast of your (God’s) nostrils, the waters piled up, the surging waters stood up like a wall; the
deep waters congealed (solidified) in the heart of the sea.”
-Exodus 15:8

From this blast, we have experienced something like a shockwave of an explosion, somewhat like a continuous blowing or breathing, not with sudden pernicious effect, but one that creates a great impact on people who decided to cross the “Red Seas” of their lives, not by using a forceful and vigorous human hit, but by simply trusting God in all things, then continue passing through this life – under His dominion and authority, with His enabling grace and mercy, miraculous working power, providence, protection and provision – to finally make a HOMERUN.

And the first fifty years of PSALM’s existence is a picture of a real BLAST! It started as a bud that sprouted and grew into a movement in the Philippines. Despite the seemingly insurmountable difficulties and even during the so-called “dark ages” of PSALM, God continued to “blow” and breathe life into this ministry for it to reach 50 years. But take note, we are still far from homebase. The harvest fields are still wide and full. There is still so much to do and get done.

To blast a real HOMERUN, let us go FULL BLAST by proceeding rapidly in EVANGELISM, aggressively in DISCIPLESHIP and effectively in LEADERSHIP. To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ, let us BLAST DOWN the campuses and SMASH workplaces with the Gospel of Christ in every district, in every region of this country- and beyond!

All that we are seeing now – the renovation, the improvement, the progress, the statistics – are something to be truly grateful about. However, there is still more than what meets the eye! For this ministry to thrive, I believe we need to get our act together. We should be more intentional in our involvement as National Board of Directors and District Board of Directors, as Lay members, as Leaders and as supporters. We also need to BLAST our “goldmines,” fellow PSALMISTS.

May I now challenge and encourage you to give your FULL BLAST financial and prayer support to the Ministry of PSALM and its Campus Missionaries in the district, regional and/or national level, and may I also urge you to continue your partnership with us in re-building the PSALM Training Base.

Meanwhile, let us enjoy this two-day exciting PSALM event in our Lifetime: The Unveiling. The Reunion. Grand Celebration of PSALM’s Golden Anniversary!
All for God’s glory and honor!

Chairman /National Board of Directors

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