LAIG Leaders’ Summit prepares the lay to be Game Changers

Uniting the laity to change the playing field, the National Lay Department (NLD) initiated a LAIG Leaders’ Summit with the theme Game Changer last two Saturdays of October 2 and 9 via Zoom. It was a whole day online event, divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

The said planning gathered around 60 live participants who gave their time and commitment in the ministry. It started with a roll call of all district representatives, followed by a Verse Game that captured everyone’s energy. Hereafter, Engr. Alet Koh remarked how the laymen should propel the movement forward with all its capabilities and influence in the community they are in. It was revved up with motivational talks about Give Me This Mountain of Engr. Alison Koh and Game Changer of Engr. Alet Koh on the first Saturday.

“We should set trends that are Biblical. Being a Game Changer is to change a culture into one that glorifies God,” pointed Engr. Alet Koh.

The next day session was stirred with messages about Ako At Ang Bayan of Jonalyn Diaz and Shifting The Tide of Mr. Joeffrey Mar Cimafranca which were followed by Reflection Sessions through breakout rooms. These emphasized how our laymen should be catalysts and instruments also of social change.

“A leader, like Nehemiah, should properly address the problem to the right person, respond with the right response, and make the right actions,” said Jonalyn Diaz. 

In fact, one of the important activities in the event was the creation of Ministry Plan of Action (MPOA) among the lay per district. They presented the MPOA, facing clarifications and suggestions from the National Lay Director. This was to ensure quality and intentional means as radical PSALMistas in these times – that makes us a Game Changer!

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