Why Campus Ministry

by: Leone Stylus

Nowadays, it seems ironically become part of the vogue that we frequently hear news of highschool or college students committing suicides. Aside from drug addiction, depression has now become an elite venomous enemy of the new generation. Some scholars say that technology is the one to blame. They believe that it has contributed the highest chunk of our society’s emotional and spiritual downfall.

Students now became too preoccupied with what’s trending in the social media or what’s the online game most played by their peers. The number of positive emoticons in posted pictures or statements became the measure of society’s approval to anything a person does. While students became closer to those peers in the digital world, their relationship with those whom are physically with them are slowly fading. Sadly, as they get closer and involved in this busyness, it became so hard for them to hear the “Word” that matters most—the Gospel.

The social media now is the primary catch basin of everybody’s feelings: in victorious moments, downfall, break-ups, cheatings and many more. While Christ promised to give us rest when we are heavily laden, many students expressed their feelings on social media for refuge. As the Bible says in Romans 10:14 “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

Every campus inhabits countless lost souls full of potential, passion and extraordinary skills and talents. Thousands of untapped resources are in the campus; potential leaders that await to be awaken. The young millennials and the post millennials are the potential leaders of our society. As our National Hero said, “The youth is the hope of our future.” But the question is, can we afford to put our hopes for a better tomorrow to the youth addicted to drugs, online games, vices and pornography? Are these kinds of folks we need to drive the wheel of our society? Can they be our hope? Yes! They still can be, only if their lives are fully surrendered to the transforming power of the Lord Jesus.

PSALM Ministry is on the run of reaching out students in every corner of our country. We exist in the campus to bring the Only Hope, train them with Christ-like characters because we definitely believe that the students of today would be the servant leaders of tomorrow. Leaders who heartily influence his family, friends and the whole community through his love of Christ. Wherever they will be in the future, they can help transform the world the world through their Christ-like governance. As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It’s about one life influencing another.”

Be part of us in transforming the world for Christ!

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